Our Portfolio

  • Photorealistic rendering of a spark plug

    Spark Plug Product Rendering

    Using the latest computer aided design software to accurately 3D model a spark plug, albeit with a slightly different logo, to produce a digital replica.

  • Exploded parts drawing of an air compressor

    Exploded View Drawing

    3D line drawing of an electrically powered air compressor. An exploded view with part number callouts that refer to a bill of materials provides easy cross-referencing when assembling.

  • Wear testing machine design using 3D CAD

    Wear Testing Machine Design

    3D design of a compact pneumatic pin and disc wear testing machine. Features include rotary disc holder, pneumatic cylinder and lubrication re-circulation system.

  • Cross section of an air compressor mechanical design

    Compressor Mechanical Design

    Electrically powered air compressor featuring a brushless DC motor, planetary gearbox and slotted link mechanism to ensure a smooth and efficient compression.

  • 3D model of folded sheet metal

    Folded Sheet Metal Design

    A folded stainless steel undertray mounting frame created with 3D CAD. By using specialist software the 3D model was efficiently unfolded into a 2D net file for laser cutting.

  • Laboratory equipment design renderings

    Cylinder Head Test Rig Design

    Design of a cylinder head flow testing rig to test flow capacities of various automotive components, such as air filters, air intake, valves and cylinder head.

  • Piping layout design for a P&ID

    Piping Layout Design

    Piping layouts for the most demanding and complex of installations over a broad range of applications. Our piping layout designs incorporate all manner of geometries and valve configurations.

  • Mechanical analysis graph

    Mechanical Design Analysis

    Results from a kinematic analysis of a slider crank mechanism. Component acceleration and cylinder compression is calculated in order to predict forces and design parts accordingly.

  • CAD spiral staircase design

    Spiral Staircase Design

    Staircase design for the architecture and construction industries, ranging from straight single-storey wooden staircases, to multi-storey octagonal spiral staircases made from steel and glass.