Spiral Staircase Design

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    At VectorTech Engineering we’ve created numerous staircase designs for customers in the architecture and construction industries. Our designs have ranged from straight single-storey wooden staircases, to multi-storey octagonal spiral staircases made from steel and glass; there’s no geometry we won’t tackle.

    For the spiral staircase pictured to the left we received a rough specification of the style required, along with the leading dimensions for the installation area. One of the key aspects to staircase design is the calculation of the geometry required for a smooth rise and going, whilst maintaining conformance with building codes. This ensures that the stairs are as easy to climb and descend as possible and fit seamlessly into the space in which they are installed.

    The use of 3D CAD in this application is particularly important as it permits the design of balustrades and infill to be validated for safety by measuring gaps between railings in three dimensions. It also allows for the production of renderings to showcase design features and materials.

    We are also able to produce manufacturing drawings for individual parts, as well as general assembly drawings with component lists (i.e bills of materials) so that part quantities can be established for component requisition and assembly purposes. For parts that require manufacturing processes such as laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC milling or bending we are able to supply DXF or DWG files that manufacturers can input straight into their machinery, saving our customers both time and money.