Continuing OTEC design with RE-Systems

VectorTech Engineering are pleased to be continuing our ongoing design work with RE-Systems on their new Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) system. OTEC is a form of renewable energy that uses the temperature difference between shallow water and deep water in the ocean to generate power.

OTEC System 3D CAD


Traditionally cold water is extracted from the depths using pipes, which proves difficult and costly. The RE-Systems solution uses a patented alternative to piping to transport the water to the surface, where it is then used in the power generation cycle.

Whilst the temperature difference between deep and shallow water is only 20 to 30°C (limiting the maximum process efficiency) it is one of the few continuously available renewable energy resources. The RE-Systems solution allows for greater flexibility in scaling the technology to meet power requirements, which reduces manufacturing costs and helps to offset some of the thermodynamic limitations of the process.

VectorTech Engineering has been working alongside RE-Systems, providing our engineering design services including computer aided design of 3D prototype models, 2D CAD drawings of components and assemblies for manufacture and fluid flow calculations. We look forward to seeing the finished prototype installed in the near future and taking the next steps in the process with RE-Systems.

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